Nissan Navara/Frontier General Maintenance Guide – What Should Be Checked

Introducing to Nissan Navara/Frontier The Nissan Navara (or Nissan Frontier ) is a pickup that has been produced since 1986 by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan in the third generation. Both models come from the former car brand Datsun, where she bore the name Datsun pickup. Frontier name was used in 1997 for the D -22 produced in the US in single cab versions, and long cabin. In 2000 came the Frontier Crew Cab, becoming the first double cab compact in North America, previously formed with Read more [...]

Hyundai Elantra Air Conditioning System Parts Service Manual

The first-generation Elantra ( J1 ) is offered only four-door sedan body. The two petrol four-cylinder engines were online and manufactured by Mitsubishi: 1.5 liters of 86 or 95 hp, 1.6-liter 86 or 100 hp, 1.8-liter 116 or 126 hp and a 2.0 liter 138 hp. The following manual and guide apply for 1995 Hyundai Elantra Air Conditioning System Parts Service and Repair. The AC system manual is divided into chapters as follows: - General - Heater - Blower - Ventilator - Air Conditioning System - Read more [...]

2003 Acura RSX Cruise Control System

The Acura cruise control system manages the vehicle speed by adjusting throttle position to maintain a speed set by the driver. The system attempts to maintain a constant velocity in the presence of disturbance primarily caused by changes in the slope of a road. A control unit compares the actual vehicle speed and the desired set speed. If there is a difference between these two values, a signal is sent to a throttle position actuator to adjust the throttle position to bring the vehicle to the set Read more [...]