Front Pump Component Descriptions and Service Procedures for 1962 Chevrolet Aluminum Case Powerglide

All model of 1962 Chevrolet Aluminum Case Powerglide front pump cover has at least three valves:
1. Pump priming valve
2. Downshift timing valve
3. Lube relief valve

Units with remote oil cooler have a fourth valve, the Cooler by-pass valve.

Below is an illustration of Front Pump Valve identification:

1962 Chevrolet Aluminum Case Powerglide

If the lube relief valve or the cooler by-pass valve requires replacement during service, use extreme care to avoid damage to the machined surface of pump cover. To remove valve retainers of both valves, thread the center hole using suitable puller. To install the retainer, use a soft faced hammer or a brass drift and seat the retainer flush to 0.1 in. below the cover surface.

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