1992 Ferrari F40 Brake System Layout Diagram

The idea to celebrate 40 years of the Ferrari with a particular car looks now complex given the performance and specifications of the 288 GTO. Thus it is created a car that recalls a Formula 1 car of the time adapted for road use. This Ferrari also had to give supremacy to the performance horse in the world market. They succeeded widely, for both speed and accelerations primates known, that for road behavior. No coincidence still is still regarded as the best car "raw" to always and is often a Read more [...]

Free Download 1992 Ferrari F40 Service Manual PDF

The Ferrari F40 is a sports car produced by Ferrari, virtual successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution, built between 1987 and 1998 (for the last surviving "F40 GTE"), whose heir was the F50. The body design was created by Studio Pininfarina under the guidance of Peter and Nicola Materazzi Camardella. That was the last Ferrari with turbocharged engine, until the introduction in 2014, 27 years later, the Ferrari California T. Created to celebrate the first forty years of the car manufacturer Read more [...]