1992 Ferrari F40 Brake System Layout Diagram

The idea to celebrate 40 years of the Ferrari with a particular car looks now complex given the performance and specifications of the 288 GTO. Thus it is created a car that recalls a Formula 1 car of the time adapted for road use. This Ferrari also had to give supremacy to the performance horse in the world market. They succeeded widely, for both speed and accelerations primates known, that for road behavior. No coincidence still is still regarded as the best car “raw” to always and is often a term of comparison even for the modern supercar after a quarter of a century.

When submitting the only direct rival it was the Porsche 959, which was also designed for tournament play on the track reserved for Group B and remained in production until 1988, while in the nineties was marketed the Jaguar XJ220, produced between 1992 and 1994. The first official presentation to the press took place in Maranello, July 21, 1987, while at international level the car made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show always of the same year.

The following schematic illustrates the 1992 Ferrari F40 Brake System Layout Diagram:

1992 Ferrari F40 Brake System

  1. Master Cylinder
  2. Fusebox
  3. Brake Warning Light
  4. Switch For Stop Light
  5. Handbrake Lever
  6. Stop Light
  7. Front Circuit
  8. Rear Circuit
  9. Three-Way Union For Front Circuit
  10. Brake Fluid Reservoir
  11. Brake Pedal
  12. Braking Corrector
  13. Caliper For Handbrake
  14. Front Brake Caliper
  15. Rear Brake Caliper
  16. Brake Disc

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